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A Unique Machine.

Our SteamPLUS® pressure washing machine is a patented, industry leading tool which has given us a great advantage in our versatility of services. With this machine we can offer the following services other pressure washing companies just cannot provide.


*Chemical free graffiti removal.

*Chewing gum removal.

(atleast 5 times faster than other methods)

*Masonry Cleaning and restoration.

*Natural Stone cleaning and restoration.

*Chemical free oil stain removal.

*Paint and resin coating removal

*Bird guano cleaning and sterilisation.

*All common substrates such as slabs,brick,render,tiles etc

A truly versatile machine.

How Does It Work?

By water being overheated and creating steam, our machine can deliver pure steam to the nozzle end and to the desired substrate.

The carefully regulated high current combination of steam, water and oxygen is injected to the substrate with a adjustable working pressure between 40bar to 200bar.

This is double the working pressure of pure steam that any other pressure washing machine on the market can reach!

This creates a cleaning method which is a non impact force, the thermal effect. As a result the adhesion between the substrate and the contamination breaks without damage to the substrate.

...and everything else.

SteamPlus® machines can do everything else you would expect from a pressure washer. With a hot wash control and variable pressure control we can work with hot water within a range of 40 bar to 350 bar with two operatives working completely independent of each other. SteamPLUS® is can also disinfect and odour control without the need of any chemicals, by using pure steam smells like urine, animal and bird foul can be removed by killing the bacteria rather than just masking it. 

SteamPLUS® has been used in the Netherlands,Belgium, France, Spain and Germany to clean and restore national monuments and public areas.

Most importantly, we can provide a service with amazing green credentials. The removal of graffiti, chewing gum, paint, odour, pollution and all round general cleaning can be completed without any chemicals present.

Free Demonstrations

Would you like us to visit your business premises or property and show you the benefits of using our services and unique equipment?

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